After each Argentina season a field report is written and shared with the Province of Chubut. A copy of these reports are available upon request. Please use the “Contact Us” form and include the year of the field season and whether you prefer the report be sent in English or Spanish. These reports are not suitable for publication citations; if you wish to obtain information for publication please refer to our peer-reviewed literature.



Penguin Sentinels Updates are newsletters sent out twice a year, generally Spring and Fall. They summarize what we have done over the past months and often provide a glimpse into our plans for the future. Below are a few of our past updates. Click here to subscribe and stay up to date on what’s going on with the Magellanic and Galápagos penguins!
Penguin Sentinels Fall 2016 Update
Penguin Sentinels 2016 Galápagos Update
Penguin Sentinels Fall 2015 Update
Penguin Sentinels Spring 2015 Update
Penguin Sentinels Fall 2014 Update
Penguin Sentinels Spring 2014 Update