Caroline Cappello

carolinecuckoo copy

Lab Coordinator, Research Scientist

I graduated from Brandeis University with a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies and theater arts (though haven’t yet found a way to combine the two!). As an undergraduate I focused on wildlife ecology and conservation and had the opportunity to study large mammal ecology in the beautiful rangelands of Tanzania and Kenya. Since graduation, I have wandered the country as a seasonal field biologist, working with a variety of avian and mammalian species. Some highlights from the last few years include monitoring elk behavior in Oregon, mist-netting yellow-billed cuckoos in the Sonoran Desert, tracking American martens through snowy Wisconsin forests, and managing breeding piping plover and least tern populations along the coast of southern Maine. I am interested in the ability of species to cope with environmental changes associated with climate change and human development.

In the Penguin Sentinels lab I help coordinate a variety of research activities and am currently investigating the accuracy of sexing penguins based on behavior and morphology.